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The Melting Pot Hostel Tanger的到达路线

Rue de Tsouli, 3 (Medina), 丹吉尔, 摩洛哥



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If you reach Tangier by sea, you need to know that there are two ports: the Port of Tangier (in the city) and the Port TangerMed (50km away).
In order to reach the port of Tangier-city you must take the ferry from the port of Tarifa. If you take the ferry from the port of Algeciras you will arrive at Port Tangier-Med. We are very close to the Port of Tangier city; the lodgings are only a 20 minute walk away.
- From the Port of Tangier-city (taking the ferry in Tarifa) you have two options, you can take a blue coloured 'Petit Taxi' which will cost about 30 Dirhams (2,50€) and request the taxi to take you to the Continental Hotel parking in the Medina (it is very important that you specify the Continental Hotel parking in the Medina, because there is another Hotel named Intercontinental at the other end of the city).
We are about 50 metres away from the Hotel Continental's parking, take a right out of the parking on 'Rue Dar the Baroud' street, then the first left onto 'Rue Cheikh Mohammed Ben Seddik' street, then finally take the first right onto our street: 'Rue de Tsouli'. So from the Hotel Continental parking, first right, then left, then right again.
If you choose to walk from the Port of Tangier, go up the first hill you find after Hotel Continental (200 metres from the port) that will take to you to the above mentioned Hotel Continental parking. From there follow the previous instructions.
- From Port TangerMed (50km away) you have two options, to take a taxi (250 DH / 23 Euros) or take the bus (20 DH / 1,50 Euros) that leaves you at the Tangier bus station. From the bus station (and the train station) the trip costs about 20 DH / 1,50 Euro
- From the Airport by Bus (the trip costs about 150 DH (13,50€)), or by Train (the trip costs about 20DH (1,50€)) and then you take a taxi to Hotel Continental parking in the Medina. Then just follow the instructions we gave you at the beginning.