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Republika Hostel的到达路线

Rua Porto das Oficinas, 8944, Ponta Negra, Natal., 纳塔尔, 巴西



  • 87%物有所值
  • 85%安全
  • 85%位置
  • 86%员工
  • 80%氛围
  • 77%卫生
  • 83%设施

From the international airport Aluisio Alves to the hostel, you can take a taxi R$120.00 or a shuttle that costs on average R$80.00 until 22h and R$90.00 after that, and if you want to go by bus you can catch a bus to the Midway shopping and then to Ponta Negra(54, 46); or if arrived by bus, you have to take the 66 bus to Ponta Negra.