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Pirwa Backpackers Familiar的到达路线

Calle Carmen Alto # 283, 库斯科, 秘鲁



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  • 84%安全
  • 84%位置
  • 85%员工
  • 67%氛围
  • 82%卫生
  • 69%设施

Need a Pickup?
We provide pickups in our private transport at competitive prices! For up to three people, the cost from the airport is S/20.00 soles

If you wish to arrive independently, a taxi is your best bet. In this case, please note the following recommendations:

- Choose a registered taxi from inside the airport or bus terminal, rather than one from the street.
- Be wary of drivers who try to divert travelers to other hostels in order to win a commission.
- Negotiate the price before entering the taxi.