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Sw. Tomasza 8, 克拉科夫, 波兰



  • 93%物有所值
  • 89%安全
  • 98%位置
  • 91%员工
  • 91%氛围
  • 90%卫生
  • 90%设施


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I met great friends there, which has kind of made up for the flaws of the hostel. To those who cares: this hostel doesn't have a lift, has two bathrooms which was not that fully equipped or clean, breakfast was okay but was only for a short period of time in the morning, the room was noisy at night maybe it's because of the great location near centre. BUT honestly, I don't care. Had a really great time there! Perfect place to meet people!

Dear Guest, Thank you for your feedback.Regarding to bathrooms,I have to disagree with you, in our hostel we have 7 bathrooms,I am suprised that you have difficulties with access to all of them.The hostel is being cleaned daily, to maintain high standard of cleanliness. We have cleaning ladies, staff are also cleaning but sometimes no matter how much we try it will never be immaculately clean :( However, I am really happy that you met friends here and enjoy your time in Krakow, Cheers, Claudia.