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Musicology Hostel的到达路线

Calle 9 #3-71, La Candelaria, 波哥大, 哥伦比亚



  • 75%物有所值
  • 77%安全
  • 83%位置
  • 79%员工
  • 68%氛围
  • 68%卫生
  • 66%设施

From the airport:

Official taxis outside the international arrivals area cost between 25.000-30.000 COP.

There is also the option to take the Transmilenio metro system directly from the airport to the Las Aguas station and walk on the 4th avenue for less that 10 minutes to reach the hostel. Take bus K86 from the airport just outside the international arrivals terminal to the first stop (Portal el Dorado) and change there to the J6 which will take you close to the hostel.

From the Bus terminal:

Take a taxi (just like at the airport) as you go out from the arrival platforms. The procedure is exactly the same as in the airport. A taxi ride from the bus terminal should cost $10000 Colombian pesos during regular hours, and around $13.000 Colombian pesos if you take the service after 8pm until 6am.