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Maleku Hostel的到达路线

50 mts oeste del Hospital Nuevo Alajuela, 阿拉胡埃拉, 哥斯达黎加



  • 85%物有所值
  • 94%安全
  • 85%位置
  • 93%员工
  • 85%氛围
  • 91%卫生
  • 90%设施

We are located: 50 mts oeste de la entrada principal del Hospital Nuevo de Alajuela, diagonal a la parada de taxis, Casa Esquinera.(50 mts west from the main entrance of the NEW hospital of Alajuela, house is on the corner)

NEVER believe taxi drivers! They make fake phone calls (have people on the phone pretending they work for us! IT IS A BIG LIE) they will always try to take you somewhere else and say that we are full or close.
Also if you are in San Jose and the taxi drivers tell you that the routes are close or there is a manifestation! it is a lie too!

If you are coming from the pacific coast or Central America, ALL BUSES stop at the airport. So DON'T go all the way t o San Jos� down town, get off at the Airport.

Directions from the Airport
By public bus:
The buses stop in front of the airport (yellow or red buses).Take the buses going to ALAJUELA.Tell the bus driver to stop at the entrance of the NEW Hospital of Alajuela. (Parar en la entrada del Hospital nuevo de Alajuela).We are located 200 mts from the bus stop, the hostel is on the corner.Bus rate $0.75.
By public taxi:
Reach for a red cab, tell the taxi our direction. Rate around $4. If you take a red cab, always ask to set up 'La maria' (Poner 'la Maria' por favor ). That way you will know how much is the ride and they won't charge you more.
By airport Taxi: We Recomment to take a Orange Cab
Give the taxi driver our direction.Orange Cab rate $4 -$6

If you are coming from San Jose or Heredia:
Take a bus to Alajuela por el INVU, tell the bus driver to stop at the entrance to the new hospital of Alajuela.If the bus goes non stop, it won�t stop at the airport. Bus rate $0.75

*Rates could change any moment with out notice