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Il Nosadillo的到达路线

Via Nosadella, 15C, 博洛尼亚, 意大利



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  • 90%安全
  • 92%位置
  • 91%员工
  • 86%氛围
  • 91%卫生
  • 87%设施

Train station: from Viale Masini, keep going right around 50 meters until Via Amendola. Then walk straight until the roundabout. Then follow Via Marconi, then Piazza Malpighi, then via Nosadella

Or either by bus 21 direction to Filanda. Get off on Piazza Malphigi bus stop.

From Bologna Airport: take the Aerobus to the centre and get off at Ugo Bassi bus stop. From the bus stop go back opposite to the direction of the shuttle you took towards the corner of Via San Felice and Via Guglielmo Marconi. Then turn left to Piazza Malpighi and keep going about 450 m until Via Nosadella