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Fuente de Piedra的到达路线

Juan León Mera N23-21 y Baquedano, La Mariscal, 基多, 厄瓜多尔



  • 20%物有所值
  • 80%安全
  • 80%位置
  • 20%员工
  • 20%氛围
  • 40%卫生
  • 20%设施

From the Mariscal Sucre Airport, you can take a taxi to the address Baquedano Juan Leon Mera and the cost is35 U.S Dollars or alternatively you can take a bus to the station of Rio Coca Ecovia for a price of 80 cents, and from here a taxi to the Hotel Fuente de Piedra for an approximate price of 5 U.S Dollars.