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Casa Maderas的到达路线

Concha Cascante junction 200 vrs North, 南圣胡安, 尼加拉瓜



  • 77%物有所值
  • 87%安全
  • 73%位置
  • 80%员工
  • 70%氛围
  • 83%卫生
  • 77%设施

Casa Maderas | Concha Cascante junction, 170m North, San Juan del sur, Rivas, Nicaragua

Go to CASA ORO hostel once in San Juan del Sur where you can catch one of the daily shuttles to CASA MADERAS.
Departure schedules: 7:30am, 10am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm, and 4pm
Price: $3 per person one way (price subject to change without prior notice)

Once at CASA MADERAS you can also take these daily shuttles to go to San Juan del Sur.
And you will enjoy free daily shuttles to/from Maderas Beach, which is also a 10 min walk.
Schedules available at Casa Maderas.

At Penas Blancas border town, jump on a chicken bus headed for Rivas, ask the driver to drop you off on the way at La Virgen junction where you will wait for another public bus to San Juan del Sur.
Once in San Juan, ask anyone for directions to CASA ORO where you can catch a shuttle to CASA MADERAS.