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Arena Zagreb的到达路线

Remetinecki Gaj 28, 萨格勒布, 克罗地亚



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Take the 'Zagreb Jug' (south) exit and go straight to a big roundabout (app 2 km). Take the first exit and go right on the second light (500m). Drive another 200m (go straight trough a small light after 100m) and then go right (you'll see grande Arena Zagreb sports hall on your front left side). Second left is the hostel Arena (100m).

From Main train station you can take bus line 234 (Kajzerica-Lanis�te) will get you 100m from the hostel (last stop). It takes app 15min. And a few minutes to walk to hostel. Note: Bus line (234) is located on the other side of the Train station. You can use an underpass right below to get to the bus. Also if you want to go from the Main train station to the center, you have app 5 minutes drive to the Ban Jelacic square. Use trams 2 and 6. Two stops. Direction Crnomerec.

Easiest way from the Bus terminal is to go to the Main train station and then 234 bus line will get you to our hostel. Take trams No 2 (Savisce - Crnomerec) or 6 (Crnomerec - Sopot). Direction Crnomerec. Third stop is the Train station (5 min drive). To get from there to the hostel, please read the directions just above ('MAIN TRAIN STATION').

You can take the airport bus (30,00 HRK app 4€) to the Bus Terminal. To get from there to the hostel, please read the directions just above ('BUS TERMINAL').

Public transportation is close to the hostel and it will take you app 20 minutes to get to downtown or nearby SRC Jarun, a real city treat for you to recreate, enjoy, party, even go bungee, on one of its 6 islands located on two big lakes.
Taxi service is an excellent choice if you are traveling in a smaller group. Zagreb is not to expensive with taxis. To get to the center, train or bus station will cost you in total 5-7 €; Jarun (4€). Good to know when going out clubbing.